Reflections of Easter Long Ago

Reflections of Easter Long Ago
Melinda K. Taylor

I am an early riser. I love the morning hours and the sun dawning to start the day,. I especially love Spring with the earth awakening from the long winter’s sleep. It was last Easter as I was sitting on my deck enjoying my cup of coffee, and watching the beginning of the day. My thoughts were on Easter and my Grandmother who loved goldfinches and called them wild canaries.

A light fog was swirling near the ground, the goldfinches and bluebirds that just had flown in a couple days before were twittering in the trees and Oh yes, there was the robin chirping his little heart out in the background.

I wonder if it was a morning such as this that Mary went to Jesus’ tomb. Walking down the path, her head bowed in sorrow. I imagine the birds were singing with joy as she was making her lonely trek, they knew that Jesus had risen. Did they stop singing when they heard her cry of despair as she found that empty tomb? Imagine the joy when she saw the angel and found out that he had risen. Imagine the joyful noise of the chorus of twitters and the chirp, only a robin can make as the first worship hymn was sung. He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed.

Oh yes, because he has risen, I will be able to be reunited again with my Grandmother who raised me, and with my imagination I can see her in heaven, praising God and enjoying the Goldfinches which she loved so much on earth.

Reflections from my Porch Snowfall

My Porch is Beckoning Me   Beautiful Snowfall

By Melinda K Taylor, January 2016

My porch is beckoning again this morning. It is calling, “Come see,  Come me see the beautiful gift God has given you this day.” So I heed the voice, put on my robe, put on my coat and a pair of warm slippers and grab a cup of hot coffee and out to the porch I go to see the beauty that the Lord has given this day.

When I stepped out on my porch, what a wondrous sight met my eyes. Snow was softly falling on surfaces that had frozen rain on them. The Christmas tree lights and the swag on the porch across the street were on and the streetlights and the lights from the windows gave a soft golden glow. The trees were like naturally flocked Christmas trees and the bushes looked like big snowballs ready to be made into snowmen. As I stood and gazed at this beautiful sight I felt like I had stepped into a Thomas Kincaid picture.

Later in the day I went for a walk down a country lane and enjoying the stillness of the day. I felt as if I were walking in in a beautiful fairyland. The world was full of beautiful crystal trees and crystal gazing balls with magic in the air. The birds are hiding in the bushes and you can hear their twitter as they sing their songs of the beautiful fairyland.

As I am observing these beautiful scenes, my mind went to God, and I could not help but sing the words to that beautiful old hymn “How Great Thou Art” and thanking Him for giving me this beauty that my eyes behold.


My Porch is Beckoning to Me

I should be dusting. I really should

My troll that is sitting on a rock reading a book, under my Fuchsia plant on the Porch, is calling me “Come read with me.”

So I grab my cup of coffee and out I go.

“I will read with you”, I tell my friend “Ole” the troll. “And I may write a bit too.”

As I sit here and survey the beauty of this June morning my thoughts go a-swirling.

My fuchsia plant is in full bloom. It’s fairy blossoms are waiting for the Humming Birds to come and do a June dance with them.

My old cat Louie is laying in the sunlight, taking in the view and basking in the warmth of the sun, bathing his arthritic old bones.

My flowers that I planted a few weeks ago are growing and spreading. They are blooming in their colors of pinks, reds, yellow and white. The Coleus with their leaves of many colors are bringing a fresh look.

The leaves on the trees around me are fully leafed out I have a family of Blue Jays living in the tree right in front of my porch. Yesterday one of the adults was pecking at my window as if to say “Hello”. I suppose he was just eating spiders but I think it was fun to think he was greeting me.

There is a wide assortment of birds and I hear them twittering away and above it all I hear the trill of the robin. I also enjoy hearing the baby birds begging for food from their busy parents. What a beautiful sound to wake up to in the morning.

As I survey this little corner of my world I thank God for having this time of my life.

My coffee cup is almost empty and my dusting is awaiting me, so I had better go in and get on with my day.

Thank you for reading my thoughts for today. I thought you might enjoy a little bit of my porch this morning.